Wild Words Poetry Workshop with David Elliott

Using his picture book In the Wild as a model, David will lead participants in an exercise that will produce a short poem about an animal of their choosing. As he works with the group, he’ll talk about rhyme, rhythm, line breaks and other poetic concerns. This workshop is suitable for everyone, from the very young to the young at heart.

Poetry Workshop with Olive Senior

Finding a Voice in Poetry

Sometimes we find it hard to write what we want to say. The subject matter might be too painful, too personal, too close to home, too complicated, too controversial, or too vast to contemplate. Poetry is the vehicle that allows us to ‘write it slant’, as Emily Dickinson advises us. That means finding ways around the subject matter.  One way is by assuming the voice of someone else, like putting on a mask. With examples and exercises, this workshop will show you some of the ways you can assume this ‘persona’ or mask and write fearlessly. It works for fiction too. So bring paper, pen, and an open mind.

Parenting Workshop with Predencia Dixon

Can You Fix My Child?

This question is one I’m frequently asked by parents struggling to make sense of their children’s behaviour. Some want to know if I can manage issues such as school non-attendance, lack of interest in family values, substance misuse, and inappropriate sexual behaviour. Others want to know if I can help their child to fulfil their true potential, be more respectful, and get on better with siblings. This workshop explores effective ways for parents to create or re-create loving, harmonious relationships with their children.

Fiction or nonfiction story with Kyoko Mori

Writing from Memory

Sometimes, one specific and concrete detail can evoke a whole way of life from years or decades ago.  This workshop will focus on how to find and write from/around such a detail. Students will complete a short writing exercise at home and bring copies.  Sample readings will be provided on the spot.

Life-Writing with Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson, author of a prize-winning biography of the Italian writer and chemist Primo Levi, will hold a seminar on the art of life-writing. How can you impose narrative order on the often confused and contradictory details of someone else’s life? How to fashion a forward-moving momentum in the narrative? He will look at the pitfalls attendant on the business of writing biography, as well as the delights.”

Fiction or nonfiction story with Kyoko Mori